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Matte Black Square Shower Floor Drain - 6 inch

Matte Black Square Shower Floor Drain - 6 inch

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The black shower drain size is 5.9" length, 5.9" width, 2" central outlet, which fits in any part of the shower. Matte black color is high end and textured. The square drain cover with grid design to enhance water flowing, which perfects match with the modern shower.


The square floor drain is made of US ASTM standard 304 stainless steel, Rugged & anticorrosive & durable, and certified by CUPC. You can say goodbye to expensive reinstallation and repairs.


Matte black shower drain comes with removable strainers that effectively capture lost hair, prevent odors, and prevent clogging of drains. The hair filter is easy to clean. It is recommended to clean it once every half a month.


Complete accessories of shower drain square, including drain cover, drain body, ABS flange, threaded adapter, rubber coupler, hair strainer, lifting hook. It comes with a detailed instruction manual, which is easy to install for the plumber.


Heavy duty steel cover of square shower drain offer a good sealing ability. In addition, rubber coupler and threaded adapter can be adjusted in height as needed. ABS base flange connects to drain pipe, which fitting standard U.S. plumbing connection and well sealed.

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