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Stainless Steel Toaster with Extra-Wide Toaste

Stainless Steel Toaster with Extra-Wide Toaste

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­čŹ×Extra Long Slot Toaster

The toaster has 2 long slots, each 25cm long and 4cm wide, which can hold 4 slices of toast at once. Extra-wide slots accommodate various types of bread, including bagels, buns, English muffins, waffles, Texas toast, and larger artisan bread. For croissant and the oversize Bun, we suggest using the built-in warming rack to reheat the bread.

­čŹ×6 Different Toasting Intensities

With rotary controls and 6 multi-speed settings, Just rotating the dial, delivering perfectly golden results in minutes from light, medium, or crispy bread. Easy to adjust for each family members preference.

­čŹ×Versatile Countertop Toaster


Thoughtful toasting functions enrich your toasting options. 'Defrost' ensures even heat for frozen bread without losing its freshness while the reheat feature allows the bread to be heated again without getting over-toasted, and you can stop the toast cycle any time with cancel button to save your toast from burning.

­čŹ×Easy to Clean & Store

With its compact long-slot design, the Toaster takes up minimal counter space in the kitchen and blends in well with appliances. Slide-out removable crumb tray allows fast and one-step clean. And the built-in cord wrap underneath the toaster helps to manage unsightly power cords and neatly stores the toaster while not in use.

­čŹ×Superior Quality

Stainless steel toasters are more durable and elegant. Compared to regular plastic toasters, our Toaster 2 Slice is safer and bake more evenly. If you receive defective products or are not satisfied with them, please contact us.

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